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Mission Statement 

Reducing environmental harm caused by emissions while providing people with speed efficient, reliable & affordable quality electric  transportation.

E- Bikes

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Soft Road 

Type 1 - Made for everyday use to travel from home to work/school/parks etc. Not mountains and cliffs 

- Pedal assist- Must pedal in order to use the motor. 

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Low Hills
& Cliffs 

Type 2 - Made for everyday use, hills, and rugged rides.

- Throttle only, don't have to pedal to benefit from the motor. 



Type 3 - Made for everyday use, mountains, cliffs, forest etc. Hence the name "Adventurer" 

Fastest legal E-bike 

E- Scooters

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E- Skateboards

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60-01 110th St 

Forest Hills, NY 11375

United States 

+1 (718 268-3137

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